NUTRIS identity system

verbal communication / visual identity / promotional materials

NUTRIS group operates in the field of agricultural production with two companies – which provides agricultural logistics and distribution services and which produces and sells raw materials that are primarily used in food production. Both companies operate in the b2b segment and communicate to large manufacturers, so the communication needs to find a balance between temptingly expressive and the necessary corporate seriousness.

The goal of this identity system is to raise the overall impression to a much higher level than is now present in similar companies on the market, and thus highlight NUTRIS as a high quality and competitive group in Europe.

Identity is designed as a system that opens up the possibility of expansion of the group. In such a system, Nutris is the primary information and extensions (tech, farm, etc.) is the secondary information in the name of the company. The potential of the system is also visible through the mutation of the logo. By graphical development of the form of the initial letter of the group name, a logo communicates the activity of the company.

Guidelines for further identity development are visible through a range of home colors, a selection of white and blue recycled papers, and additional graphic identity elements, such as patterns, for use in the design of corporate and promotional materials.


  • NutriS d.o.o.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Juric (creative and art direction), Igor Poturic (verbal communication), Izvorka Juric, Marko Mikicic (design), Natalija Najjar (production manager), Jurica Kos (photography)

Awards and honors

Worldwide Logo Design Award – WOLDA Gold Award, New Logo Europe
2020, International