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Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić operates independently on various projects related to visual communications by bringing together a team of experts, depending on the needs of the project. Design Bureau carries the name of its Creative and Art Director, Izvorka Jurić, whose career goes back more than 20 years and includes numerous international awards and recognitions for successful projects in both Croatian and global markets.


Our projects typically include the designing of complete product or service identities and presentation on the market, including a range of services listed below.

There is no greater challenge than, working together with a manufacturer or client, creating a new product and shaping its new life. When designing a new product or rebranding an existing one, creative strategy and creative communication are always an essential part of the process and its starting point: what is the story behind the product and what makes it important or different?

A product name, its slogan and all other verbal communication usually come from the story behind the product, developed as part of a creative strategy. The basic verbal communication, such as the name and slogan, is crucial for creating a perception of a product or service, often adding a final tone of voice to their visual identity. Also important are the website, brochure and other texts communicating the product’s advantages. Our copywriters are always ready to tell your story in a creative and interesting way.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Once you know the message you want to convey, the time has come for creating a true image of your product or service. Designing the logo or brand and the overall identity is a complex task because they are the starting point of your communication with your customers. If the identity has been created properly and if it addresses the desired target groups in the desired way, it is a potential that enables more competitive positioning in the market.

Developing and designing some of the basic means of promotion – such as brochures, advertisements, various printed materials or point of sales materials – is the next step in the story behind your product and a tool for your further communication with your clients.

Designing a product identity is certainly one of the most demanding tasks for a designer. It is not just about the visual identity, it is also about meeting the requirements of specific market categories, keeping in mind the product’s functionality when used, being familiar with the technological requirements of manufacturing, printing etc. needed for the desired quality of the design, and – certainly – caring about recycling, waste management and sustainable development. All these skills can only come from the practical designing experience we certainly possess.

Chances are the clients will first encounter your product or service by using their cellphones or computers. This is why making your online communication meaningful, relevant and regular is very important. Substantial, easy-to-understand and responsive web pages constitute the basis of your online identity. Today, your profiles and your communication on social networks are some of the most important channels of communication with your buyers or users. This is why we usually wrap up our projects by designing the website and preparing all the brand materials required for high-quality communication on social networks.

Our client reference list: Allianz Croatia, Croatian Mint, Genos, Croatian Tourist Board, Zagreb Tourist Board, Le Meridien Lav Split, CERU London, Planture Group, Pet Network International, Nutris grupa, Prostoria, ZDL arhitekti, Kupilek, Omnivia DMC, Bite Art, STEMI, Tureta travel, DRACO, Fjori Fôra, Quinn Tiger, Klimaoprema, Brachia, Uje, Ecolo, Megatrend, Baggizmo, Ledikdent… and many others.

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Creative team

Izvorka Jurić

creative and art director / designer

Jurica Kos

Jurica Kos

senior designer / photographer

Natalija Najjar

Natalija Najjar

production manager / senior designer

Jelena Gvozdanović

senior designer / copywriter - external associate

Igor Poturić

copywriter - external associate

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