Fjori Fôra rebranding

verbal communication / visual identity / promotional materials

Fjori fôra is a result of a demanding and full-scale rebranding project in which we set out a new brand strategy and brand architecture for the complex group of Ćurin products. A new name, verbal communication, visual identity of the group, and the identity and design of the packaging of individual product lines within the group were created.

The Ćurin family makes natural products, primarily cosmetics, based on a line of essential oils from wild and grown plants. Due to the configuration of the terrain, mechanization is used very little, so the plantations are still cultivated and harvested in the traditional way. The picking of wild plants on the entire island of Hvar adds a special value to it.


As the main reason for rebranding is the placement in the external market, with a particular focus on the north-west of the EU, communicating the highest-quality natural products and their positioning in the premium segment was the primary goal. Given the different markets and specific product lines, the geographical origin is communicated at a secondary level. The aim was to increase the brand’s visibility and recognition in the Croatian, regional and global markets and to create a long-term image of a brand based on natural and original values that markets contemporary products of superior quality produced by a sustainable and socially responsible family farm.

The solution uses evocative, poetic elements conveying the originality and distinctiveness of the island product. The new name gives the opportunity to create solutions that suggest high quality and helping it access the demanding global market; it will be the primary focus of this brand in the coming period.


The basic idea of the identity and all creative communication is based on preserving the plants and presenting plant motifs by using the traditional methods and techniques such as herbariums, plant impressions in clay, imprints on paper or canvas, encyclopedic study drawings etc.

The almost monochromatic approach further emphasizes the importance of the plant and its originality, and the use of the hot foil stamped elements in dark gold-copper color communicates the high value of the product. Depending on the product line in the Fjora fôra group, the base color can be perceived as “liquid gold” – like with essential oils – or as a great value of the soil that gives life to all the precious plants on this rock-bound island.

Identity communicates both strength and the tenderness of the natural approach and natural products, while subtly combining the necessary elegance and exclusivity on the one hand and the natural sources from which the products originate on the other.



  • ĆURIN - agricultural crafts and trade

Creative team

  • Izvorka Juric (creative and art direction), Igor Poturic (verbal communication), Izvorka Juric (design), Jurica Kos, Marijo Franic (illustration), Natalija Najjar (production manager), Jurica Kos (photography)