STEMI classroom kit


STEMI (​​) is an educational-technology company developing STEAM projects and implementing high-tech in educational processes. STEMI Hexapod Robot is an educational product that helps children and young people in 3D modeling, developing mobile apps and programming.

The classroom kit design is intended to meet the protective function and operational requirements of transport and the requirements of organizational functionality and storage of components during classes in various shifts as well as to enable the kit’s extended use in the classroom environment. This packaging was designed for 11 robot kits (10 student kits and one teachers’ kit) and intended for elementary and high schools all across the US. Another feature required was to facilitate setting apart the teachers’ kit in order to be used for the teachers’ training taking place before the beginning of the school year.

The current shortcomings specified by the client include potential different demands in other markets (6- or 8-piece kits per classroom) and the already existing unit product the packaging of which is not suitable for storing the robot after it has been assembled.

Our solution uses a modular system that enables forming kits of various sizes (6, 8, 11…) out of the single basic product (unit kit), depending on classroom specifics. The fact that a kit is formed out of the same base and the same system components enables the client’s flexibility and modular approach in planning, selling and manufacturing of the product.

This approach reduces manufacturing costs in the long run. As for the new unit packaging, it can accommodate an assembled robot (as an additional logical secondary function), while remaining in the same transport class as the existing smaller box.


  • STEMI d.o.o.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Juric (creative and art direction), Jurica Kos (design, photography), Natalija Najjar (production manager)