Ledikdent Dental Center

identity / branding / illustration / printed material / website

LEDIKDENT Dental Center is a private dental practice offering general dental services, children’s dental services, prosthetics, orthodontics, oral surgery, implantology, endodontics and parodontology. The center boasts a separate dental office for children and full service for the whole family in one place.

The basic element of the identity is a logo representing a stylized face with a smile as its central feature. A combination of the basic “household” colors (yellow, dark gray, black and white) and modern typography constitutes the rest of the identity.

As the identity is mostly communicated to children, the logo was used as a basis for the illustrations of smiling animals which are posted in the dental office and printed on the handouts like Ledikdent coloring book or “Brave like Lion” diploma for little patients.

The illustrations in the children’s section were posted using wall-graphics vinyl on light-gray walls, with matt yellow and gray vinyl and glossy white vinyl for smiles – achieving a very interesting effect. The logo of the dental center in the entrance area was installed the same way. It is accompanied by a 3-D logo. While in the waiting room, kids can measure their weight by stepping on the Ledikdent giraffe-like scales. In the rest of the dental center – in the premises intended for adults – the identity is subtly communicated using household colors and original Ledikdent wall clocks.

Also communicating the identity are the business and promo materials such as flyers, printed ads, Internet ads, gifts items for children and adults… Segments of exterior and interior design have also been created and responsive web design has been used.


  • Ledikdent d.o.o.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction, illustration, design), Damir Jakopčević (photos of premises)

Nagrade i priznanja

dio Izložbe hrvatskog dizajna 13/14
Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo, 2014., HR