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Lothar Weiss is a company specializing in commercial interiors, from designing and manufacturing to equipping and managing. The company covers the entire process: conceptual design, spatial 3D visualization, animation, rendering performing and workshop drawings, manufacturing and assembling of prefabricated elements. Lothar Weiss stands apart for the personal touch in its contact with clients based on trust, high quality and years of experience.

The identity is based on minimalism. By reducing the basic characters of the company’s name (L and W), a symbol is created that represents the structure of elements, construction… while also communicating strong vertical stability and dynamic thinking emphasized by diagonals.

The identity is designed in black and white colors and shades of brown, and using the “black on black” and “white on white” effects in the design of applications. Using specific printing techniques (UV varnish, emboss stamping etc.) and materials (premium paper, leather etc.), the identity communicates top quality services and creates a sophisticated look.


  • Lotharweiss d.o.o.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction, design), Ivan Goran Žunar (design, animation)