Brachia KIDS

verbal communication / identity / branding / packaging

Brachia KIDS is Croatia’s first olive oil intended for kids, and for their parents who understand the medicinal properties and high nutritional value of olive oil and would like to include it in their children’s diet.

Fresh and alluring, the fruity taste of the ecologically grown olives from the island of Brač offers flavors ideal for popularizing olive oil among children. While the design of the packaging aims to attract and amuse children and tell them a story about this healthy product (still underused in Croatia), Brachia brand aims to pave the way for positive changes in children’s diet.

Fully in line with the purpose of the product, the packaging communicates with consumers in a more accessible and flexible way then Brachia’s earlier packaging. It was designed in order to make the product accessible to children and fun to use. It is also supposed to be educational, raising awareness of the importance of regular consumption of olive oil.

The entertaining aspect of the packaging is manifested in the illustrations of olive characters, olive leaves and colored pencils communicating with each other by means of messages on the packaging.

The small glass bottle is partly wrapped up in a box that, together with the bottle’s black tip, has a shape of a pencil inside which six actual colored pencils can be found. When the box is unwrapped, a fun coloring book is found, with pictures of a tree and olive leaves and with various riddles for children.

Olive oil is food for the body and the riddles and coloring book are food for the brain.
Together they make a complete product that supports a child’s healthy development.


  • Brachia p.z.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction), Jurica Kos (verbal communication, design, illustration, animation, product photography), Maja Danica Pečanić (photography)

Awards and honors

Pentawards Silver Award – Food
Pentawards, 2020, Worldwide

bronze in the Food category IdejaX Best on Market
2020, CRO 

part of “Exhibition of Croatian Design 19/20”
Croatian Designers Society, 2020, CRO

published in a book The Favourite Design,
2020, International

part of the exhibition Design Week Zagreb
2019, Croatia

award of the day at Favourite Design,
2019, International

published on
The Packaging of the World
2019, International