Visual identity of the Creative Social Work Association

verbal communication / visual identity / promotional materials

The Creative Social Work Association provides support to beneficiaries through challenging life periods. Like providing psychosocial help and support, prevention of addiction and indicating a healthy lifestyle, active participation in professional assistance to addicts in achieving permanent abstinence, assistance in integration and education of vulnerable groups in society, and the like.

The redesign of the Creative Social Work Association visual identity kept the primary motive – hands. But now, they face each other and form a cross, communicating support and assistance in crises, which is the basis of the Association’s actions.

The color-rich palette of home colors has also been retained, somewhat reduced in the number of colors and tonally oriented towards a more modern palette. The vibrancy of identity is emphasized using home colors as a significant element of identity. It brings it closer to the younger target groups it communicates with (mainly teens and young adults).

The selection of variable typography (Agrandir) allows for applicability in various materials and programs of the Association.

The project includes designing an entire range of materials – from business documentation templates through various presentation and promotional materials, websites, and online materials to separate sub-identities of various Association’s programs.


  • Creative Social Work Association

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction), Marko Mikičić, Izvorka Jurić (design), Jurica Kos (web design, presentation photography)