OMNIVIA rebranding

verbal communication / identity / brending / stationery / print / web pages

OMNIVIA (former “Radmanove mlinice agency”) provides first-class professional guidance for a wide variety of attractions and experiences that Omiš and Dalmatia as destinations can offer. Years of continued growth and improvements led to the change of its name and creation of a new visual identity that will better reflect the agency’s top-quality services and high professionalism.

The new brand, OMNIVIA, reflects the agency’s clear mission and vision: by combining the Latin prefix omni and word via, meaning “every time” or “in every way”, the name communicates the agency’s multilayered destination offer.

As for the logo and monogram, the symbols incorporated in it evoke the location and its assets: “O” for the initial letter of the brand’s name and creative strategy of wholeness, perfection and balance of OMNIVIA programs; “M” reminding of the destination’s specific landmarks – mountains and the Cetina canyon; and “A” with a wave, symbolizing the river and sea.

Also contributing to the identity are the playful patterns that, with their form and tone, communicate the distinguishing features of the place where the sea meets the river, where green meets blue and where the past meets present.

Natural materials and techniques, such as eco-paper or sewn binding, are used in the OMNIVIA promotional materials. This mix of contemporary forms and natural and traditional segments reflects the expertise of the agency’s team and their extensive knowledge of the region and its specific qualities and attractive locations, based on which the agency offers an up-to-date approach to the genuine experience of traditional local customs.

The selection and treatment of photographs, often combining two opposite motifs, conveys the message of diverse experiences that OMNIVIA can offer in its one-day or multi-day programs.

Identity modularity opens up the possibility of making a variety of attractive promotional materials – wearable, print or online.



Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction, design), Jelena Gvozdanović (copywriting), Stela Kovačić (design of pictograms, brand animation, photography), Matija Tolić (web development)