Zdenka rebranding

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With its long tradition (dating back to 1897), Zdenka has been recognized as high-quality cheese with a unique flavor. It is a cheese meant for pleasure – it is natural, made of the finest domestic milk and good for health. The task was to design packaging for Zdenka’s premium line of cheese products and its standard line of cheese products. The packaging was supposed to define these cheeses as high-quality and traditional cheeses, and yet, suitable for the modern market.

The packaging for Zdenka cheese is a combination of retro branding and redesigning the identity of Zdenka packaging. We decided to use the company’s basic color – dark blue – as the main color for all lines of Zdenka packaging. As a result of the unusual color treatment in this segment, a distinction in the market was achieved. The line design of all products includes dark blue and some other color, depending on the line or product. This enables the brand to be recognizable even when a cheese, together with its packaging, is being sliced at a point of sale. In the premium line, the dark blue color is combined with bronze, silver or gold colors.


  • Zdenka mliječni proizvodi d.d.
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  • designed for Tridvajedan

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction, design), Nikola Futač (designer collaborator), Nivas d.o.o. (production of web pages)

Awards and honors

RegPak 2010 – regional Festival of packaging and printing,
2010, CRO
published on The Lovely Package,
2009, Internacional