Taste Dalmmmatia


“Taste Dalmmmatia – a Dalmatian heritage cookbook” is a cookbook of Dalmatian heritage. We did a creative concept for it, verbal communication, and design.

In its three basic chapters: “Gourmmmmmmmmet appetizers,” “Ammmmmmmmmazing main courses,” and “Lip-smmmmmmacking desserts,” the cookbook presents the most important traditional recipes of Dalmatian cuisine we inherited from our ancestors. Other parts of the book bring the basic groups of Dalmatian groceries, wine, olive oil, etc., and present the must-see destinations of the area, the cultural heritage of Dalmatia, and the services of the Shuttle Tours agency.

The cookbook is a thank-you gift for the guests of the travel agency and a reminder of the time spent in Dalmatia. It is also promotional material. When they return to their homes, guests will cook the recipes for their families and friends to promote the experience of Croatia and Dalmatia.

The concept is based on a game with the word Dalmatia and the letter MMMM within the name of the cookbook and the chapter. It communicates in a direct and straightforward way an exquisite feeling when consuming delicious food. The basic tonal scale is taken from the basic tonal scale of Dalmatian identity.



  • Shuttle Tours d.o.o.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Juric (creative and art direction), Igor Poturic (verbal communication), Jurica Kos (design)