Ericsson Nikola Tesla “Numbers”

annual report

Ericsson Nikola Tesla is a leader in information-communication technologies and has more than 55 years of experience. In the past 10 years the company managed to change the scope of its activity, becoming a unique example of a Croatian company that has successfully “reinvented” itself. Our task was to design the company’s annual report which was to present the previous year’s business results (including their general, social and financial aspects) and to communicate the idea of Ericsson NT’s unique knowledge, experience and innovativeness that stimulate prosperity in the society in which it operates. The condition was to adhere to the preset format and size of the publication (the number of pages and maximum thickness).

The annual report was realized as a typographic solution entitled “365 / 21246”. The design of the report is based on white and clear surfaces and the interplay of hidden messages indicated by the clues in the form of visible numbers of notable size. In this interrelation, the visible numbers represent the universal language of business, while the hidden notes next to them suggest that these numbers do not only reflect Ericsson’s business success, but also those who deserve credit for it – the people and their personal accomplishments, professional qualities…

The hidden messages were realized using typography and special colors (brilliant lacquer, UV lacquer), making them visible only under UV light. To make reading possible, a pocket UV lamp was integrated into the report! The illuminated messages and the lamp required for their reading are also a reminder of Nikola Tesla, a great figure who is also a constant inspiration to the company. The entire publication was realized without any illustrations or photographs, using typography only (Swift, Linotype).

The layout grid enables different treatments of the information contained, because the publication consists of three different sections: The financial section of the annual report is additionally highlighted by the selection of toned paper.


  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.
  • _
  • designed for Tridvajedan

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art director), Jelena Gvozdanović (creative director, copywriter), Vedran Matić (designer)

Awards and honors

part of “Exhibition of Croatian Design 09/10″,
CDS – Croatian Designers Society, 2010, CRO
Red Dot for High Design Quality,
Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design, 2009, D
ED Awards Bronze, ED-Awards,
European Design Awards, 2009, Internacional
FESTO Silver Bell, 17. FESTO – marketing communications festival,
2009, CRO