Baggizmo branding

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Baggizmo is a unique practical bag for men designed for everyday carrying of personal portable electronic devices and small items. It can be continuously worn without interrupting work activities – for example, while driving or cycling. It is comfortable to wear and allows for quick handling. In addition, its minimalistic line is visually suited to the different clothing styles of men, neatly fitting in usual business and private styles.

The product is positioned as a combination of technology (gadget aware) and contemporary urban fashion – a bag that lives in the world of fashion and technology.

The name Baggizmo is a result of a strategy, a product concept and a study of the characteristics of the segment of the population the product is targeting. The name communicates the basic essence of the product – Baggizmo – blending the concepts of ‘bag’ and ‘gizmo.’

The visual identity contains specific lines and forms that are set in the product itself and the communication is based on the values and emotions set in the strategy. Relying on the added value of these bags (the smart design, high functionality and attractive appearance), the branding is supposed to communicate through sophisticated, refined, elegant visuals that would be attractive to the modern man, and through smart creative communication.

The packaging is designed as a modular system of the primary and secondary packaging of the product, plus additional paper elements. The primary packaging is of particular importance – it protects the products as most of them are sold online and travel to their buyers across the globe. It is an antistatic sack that protects the NFC chip during the transport, With the air-tight zip system for closing, the sack provides additional protection by creating more volume around the product.

The secondary packaging is a branded textile sack in which the products are contained when arranged on shelves of physical points of sale. This is multiple-use packaging: it can be used for keeping the bag while not in use or for keeping some other objects. Thanks to this, once the product is extracted from it, the packaging does not become waste; it remains usable.

Additional information can be found on some other appertaining elements – like a small label with product information and larger labels with the information on the origin and materials used and with instructions for use and maintenance. The materials are detachable in order to fit both types of distribution – online (inside the packaging) and at physical points of sale (attached to the secondary packaging).

Crowdfunding campaign – In early June 2015, the design start-up Baggizmo launched a campaign on Kickstarter, the world’s largest platform for funding innovative projects. In the first 24 hours of the campaign Baggizmo generated more than 20% of the total budget.

The aim of the campaign was to gather $35,000 in order to start production based in Croatia. Baggizmo is the first product design project in Croatia that decided to bypass the local lack of interest in investing in innovative products and rely on testing and launching its products on the mighty American Kickstarter, which also allows for significant media visibility and attracts investors.

The story about the project received relevant coverage in international media, the most significant being Mashable, Designboom and FashNerd.

The campaign was successfully completed by collecting $44,000, thanks to the 443 backers who helped bring this project to life. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign!



  • Motus Vis Inc.

Creative team

  • Ladislav Jurić (product idea, product name, product development), Izvorka Jurić (product name, product development, brand strategy, branding, creative and art direction, design), Manufakturist – Matea Bronić, Mia Bogovac, Maša Milovac, Kristina Volf (product design, product development), SENJOR – Vanja Blumenšajn (slogan, creative communication), Mladen Šarić (idea and art direction of photography, photo), Stela Kovačić (pictogram design, illustration), Ivan Goran Žunar (animated signature of the brand, video with photos, GIF animations), Luka Vucić (video for Kickstarter), Matija Tolić (web development), Tatjana Bartaković (PR).

Awards and honors

featured project on Behance – Product design
2017, International

Elle Style Award Croatia – Product design
2017, CRO

part of exhibition Tjedan Dizajna Zagreb
2016, CRO

the award of the Croatian Designers’ Society for best project 15/16,
Croatian Design Society, 2016, CRO